Kinn Guesthouse

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All Thirty-One Rooms Can Be Yours

We make the entire property available for groups of up to 120 guests, perfect for sales meetings, conventions, and large-scale events. You can stay, work, and socialize on your terms while enjoying the amenities and boutique hotel luxury we provide…in a setting that is less corporate and feels more like staying at a friend’s home. With spacious, beautifully decorated rooms for everyone to sleep and group breakfasts in the decked out communal kitchens, you can all gather, share and come together under one roof. Everyone gets an access code at check-in so they can come and go as they please. No need to worry about disturbing or being disturbed by other guests, the place is yours for as long as you have it booked. Contact us to learn more about booking the entire property.

Just the Right Balance of Private and Social Spaces


(855) 546-6653

You will find our rates to be highly competitive, whether you’re looking to rent the entire house for a large group or simply need to book a small cluster of rooms adjacent to one another, we offer various options to accommodate our guest’s needs. We recommend calling at least 60 days in advance for booking of three or more rooms.

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