A Foodie's Guide to Milwaukee: Dining Near Kinn Guesthouse

Milwaukee, often referred to as "Brew City," has a lot more to offer than just exceptional beer. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city is Kinn Guesthouse, a luxury boutique hotel for travelers seeking a unique and memorable stay. But what makes this getaway spot truly memorable are the culinary delights that surround it. 

Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the finest dining options and local gems located near our two Kinn Guesthouse locations!

Sorella Restaurant: A Milwaukee Culinary Experience Next Door

Just steps away from Kinn Guesthouse is Sorella Restaurant, offering a fusion of old-school charm and Midwest innovation. This Southern-style Italian eatery, aptly named "sister" in Italian, curates a menu of seasonally inspired dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Picture yourself savoring wood-fired pizzas, handmade pasta, and signature Italian courses in a laid-back environment. Perfect for date night or a weekday treat for the whole family, Sorella offers convenience and excellent quality Italian.

Discover Milwaukee's Best Eats Within Walking Distance

luxury meal incorporating raw shrimp and soy sauce

Hoping to venture a bit further into Milwaukee to see what our great city has to offer? We’ll explore some of our favorite restaurants that consistently receive five-star reviews from our guests. 

Hungry Sumo: Sushi Bar and Asian Fusion – Bay View

A short distance from our Kinn Bay View location, Hungry Sumo invites sushi enthusiasts and lovers of Asian fusion cuisine for a delightful meal. With an eclectic Asian-inspired menu and a vibrant atmosphere, Hungry Sumo is a great choice to explore the diverse flavors of the East. 

Take it from Hungry Sumo’s 1,000 Google Reviews, leaving them with 4.5 stars: it’s an excellent choice for high-quality, authentic Asian food. Check out their small plates featuring dishes from Japan and Thailand– think sushi, ramen, and rice bowls. 

Blue Bat: Tequila Paradise – Downtown Milwaukee

If your palate craves a different kind of adventure, head to Blue Bat near our Kinn downtown Milwaukee location. With over 160 tequilas, this establishment is a haven for agave enthusiasts. The commitment to the art of tequila is evident in Blue Bat's selection of exclusive, rare, and hard-to-find tequilas. Let the tequila experts guide you through a tasting experience that transcends the ordinary. Thank goodness it’s within walking distance from your hotel! 

Blue Bat creates a vibrant and lively establishment, perfect for date night. Thanks to their diverse selection of international cuisines, you won’t leave hungry. This place is a favorite among our guests– with views right along the water, you’ll want to sit outside! 

Breakfast Spots Near Kinn Guesthouse

Toast Breakfast or Brunch – Downtown Milwaukee

Toast is a trendy establishment that offers a hip setting for daytime dining accompanied by coffee, beer, and even Bloody Marys. The atmosphere is both lively and nostalgic, with a 1970s motif and staff adorned in tie-dye T-shirts. The menu, featuring dishes like the Hippie Hash and Barbacoa Burrito, has a hint of Mexican influence. 

The standout element, however, is the attentive and friendly service, contributing to the overall welcoming vibe. Whether you're drawn by the unique decor, tasty food, or the promise of a relaxed dining experience, Toast is a breakfast and brunch place worth revisiting with friends and family.

Honeypie Breakfast – Bay View 

For a delightful start to your morning, venture to Honeypie, a breakfast spot founded on the principles of Midwestern inspiration and Wisconsin's bountiful ingredients. Since 2009, Honeypie has been a beacon for those seeking real, made-from-scratch diner meals. Indulge in their critically acclaimed pies, accompanied by a well-crafted selection of cocktails. From all-day breakfast to weekend brunch, Honeypie's menu is filled with classic, wholesome options.  

Must-Visit Milwaukee Breweries and Bars

Milwaukee is known for its breweries and beer offerings. Embark on a tasting adventure with brewery tours in Milwaukee, an experience that unveils the city's rich beer culture. If you decide to venture out on your own, here’s a list of some of our favorite watering holes: 

  • The Wicked Hop is celebrated for serving the city's best Bloody Mary, creating a buzz among cocktail lovers.

  • For those seeking an award-winning Belgian Bier in a charming atmosphere, Café Benelux is a go-to spot, including a rooftop patio.

  • The Camp Bar in the Third Ward offers a wide variety of beer, cocktails, and a distinctive knotty pine vibe, featuring trophy heads that contribute to its rustic charm.

  • Near our Bay View location, Sugar Maple takes the spotlight with an impressive selection of over 40 craft brews on tap. It’s a great spot for beer connoisseurs seeking variety.

  • For a retro and unique experience, At Random offers a unique blend of ice cream drinks and vintage cocktails. 

The Perfect Pairing: Luxury Stay and Fine Dining

There’s something so lovely about leaving your luxury accommodation to enjoy a nice meal whilst on vacation. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s important to pick a spot with incredible eateries nearby. The availability of five-star restaurants, breweries, and wine bars near both of our Kinn Guesthouse boutique hotels allows you and your traveling partners to enjoy dining occasions you’ll remember long after the meal is over. 

We know our neighborhoods like the back of our hand, and we're ready to hook you up with awesome recommendations. Whether you're into craft brews at Sugar Maple or digging the retro vibes at At Random, we've got you covered. We'll guide you to the best local joints– from pubs and taverns to five-star restaurants and luxury eateries– making sure your stay is filled with the real and diverse flavors of Milwaukee.

Experience unparalleled luxury and comfort at Kinn Guesthouse. Book your unforgettable Milwaukee retreat now!