Exploring Milwaukee's Downtown Attractions

Milwaukee has a little bit of everything for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you're checking out cool museums, trying out delicious eateries, marveling at unique architecture, or just having some good old-fashioned fun, this city has got you covered. From exciting performing arts to city-wide events and fairs, there's always something happening in Milwaukee to keep everyone in the family happy and entertained. 

Must-Visit Downtown Gems Near Kinn Guesthouse

You’ll notice that every aspect of Kinn Guesthouse was designed with careful consideration– and that includes our locations. Our goal was to create a boutique hotel experience that showcases everything Milwaukee has to offer, from fine dining and local pubs to cultural exhibitions and art museums. Our guests find there is always something to discover within walking distance of their front doors at Kinn Guesthouse. 

Let’s explore some of the most popular Milwaukee attractions near our two Guesthouse locations. 

Milwaukee Art Museum: A Modern Marvel

A short stroll from the Kinn Guesthouse brings you to the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum, a modern architectural masterpiece set against the backdrop of Lake Michigan. The wings of the museum open and close daily, resembling the wings of a bird in flight. It's a mesmerizing sight and a testament to human creativity.

For those seeking accommodation in proximity to this museum, be sure to explore the array of boutique and luxury hotels near the Milwaukee Art Museum. These hotels offer a comfortable stay while providing convenient access to one of the city's cultural hubs. Of course, Kinn Guesthouse’s attention to detail, warm hospitality, and intimate knowledge of the local scene set us apart from the rest. 

Harley Davidson Museum: A Journey Through American History

Just a stone’s throw away from Kinn Guesthouse lies the Harley Davidson Museum, a pilgrimage site for motorcycle enthusiasts and a journey through the annals of American history. From vintage bikes to interactive exhibits, the museum captures the spirit and innovation that define the Harley Davidson legacy.

When planning your stay in Milwaukee, consider immersing yourself in the city's rich history and experiencing the thrill of exploring this iconic museum. Kinn Guesthouse’s proximity to these museums offers you a gateway to the city’s cultural richness, all while enjoying the luxury and comfort of our nearby accommodations.

For a little extra fun, don’t miss the famous Bronze Fonz statue, just an eight-minute walk from Kinn Guesthouse’s downtown location.

Architectural Wonders and Historical Sites

Basilica of St. Josaphat in Milwaukee

Basilica of St. Josaphat: A Peek into Milwaukee's Spiritual Heritage

Milwaukee's charm extends beyond its contemporary attractions to embrace its spiritual heritage, embodied by the Basilica of St. Josaphat. A short drive from Kinn Guesthouse, this grand architectural marvel stands as a testament to the city's rich history and religious diversity.

Completed in 1901, this grand basilica is a fine example of Baroque-style architecture, featuring intricate details, majestic domes, and soaring spires. The basilica is dedicated to St. Josaphat, a 17th-century Ukrainian saint. Inside, visitors are treated to a breathtaking interior adorned with beautiful artwork, intricate stained glass windows, and awe-inspiring frescoes. For those seeking a deeper connection to Milwaukee's past, consider staying at our Downtown Milwaukee location.

Milwaukee Things To Do For the Whole Family

When you choose Kinn Guesthouse as your base, you're not just booking a room. You're securing a front-row seat to explore the vibrant cultural soul of Milwaukee! These much-loved attractions are conveniently located nearby when staying with us. 

South Shore Park/Farmer’s Market

South Shore Park and its vibrant Farmer's Market cater to nature lovers and food enthusiasts alike! The picturesque lakefront walking path offers a serene backdrop for this market’s fresh produce and local snacks on sale. Families, couples, and anyone seeking a stroll will find this a delightful destination. For dates and hours, check online. 

Mitchell Park Domes

The Mitchell Park Domes offer a captivating experience for those interested in horticulture. With tropical, desert, and floral exhibits, it's a botanical journey located right in the heart of Milwaukee. Nature enthusiasts, plant lovers, and families looking for a unique and educational outing will appreciate the diverse landscapes housed within these iconic domes.

Milwaukee County Zoo

For animal lovers and families seeking a day of fun, the Milwaukee County Zoo is your place to be! From lions to penguins, the zoo offers a diverse array of wildlife exhibits and experiences. Kids, families, and anyone with a passion for wildlife will find the zoo an exciting and educational destination.

Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

Designed for curious minds and young explorers, the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum offers interactive exhibits and educational programs. Families with children, educators, and anyone interested in fostering creativity and learning through play will find this museum a dynamic and engaging space.

Marcus Center for Performing Arts

For enthusiasts of the arts, the Marcus Center for Performing Arts is a cultural hub featuring live theater, ballet, and symphony performances. Whether you're a local arts supporter or a theatre-lover looking for a taste of Broadway, the center offers a diverse range of performances, making it a must-visit for those who appreciate the magic of live entertainment.

Embracing All Milwaukee Has to Offer at Kinn Guesthouse

To make the most out of your stay in Milwaukee, try to find accommodation that strikes the perfect balance between centrality to the city's best eateries and attractions and the irresistible comfort of a luxury retreat. Kinn Guesthouse stands out as the epitome of this ideal stay! 

Located centrally, it offers easy access to the vibrant pulse of the city, ensuring you're surrounded by the best dining and attractions. Yet, what sets Kinn Guesthouse apart is its ability to provide a luxurious home away from home. The comfort and warmth exuded by our tastefully designed rooms and personalized services make it difficult to leave. With Kinn Guesthouse as your base, you'll be able to explore the best of Milwaukee while enjoying a luxury stay.

The Perfect Retreat for Every Occasion: Ideal for Solo Travelers or Group Getaways

Kinn Guesthouse offers a perfect blend for both solo travelers seeking social interactions and those desiring intimate moments with loved ones. The communal areas provide a welcoming space for solo guests to meet new people. You’ll find a sense of community and shared experiences if that’s what you seek. Whether striking up conversations in the cozy lounge or cooking together in the communal kitchens, solo travelers find a warm and inclusive environment.  

For those exploring Kinn with companions, the communal kitchens become inviting spaces for quality time together, cooking and sharing meals. The thoughtful design of Kinn ensures that whether you are by yourself or with loved ones, the guesthouse caters to diverse needs. We hope to make every stay a comfortable and memorable experience. 

Create Lasting Memories with Unforgettable Experiences at Kinn Guesthouse 

Beyond the comfortable rooms, delightful views, and vibrant neighborhood, Kinn Guesthouse offers experiences that linger in your heart. Join a local walking tour, attend a live music event, or simply relax in our luxurious rooms. The memories you create here are the souvenirs that stay with you long after you leave Milwaukee.  


Experience unparalleled luxury and comfort at Kinn Guesthouse. Book your unforgettable Milwaukee retreat now!