Luxury for Today's Traveler: A Look Inside Kinn Guesthouse

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Discover the Essence of Luxury at Kinn Guesthouse

There’s a new option for modern travelers seeking a sense of personalized luxury in Milwaukee. Say goodbye to the conventional 400-room properties that produce unremarkable guest experiences.

Instead, embrace the charm of our boutique hotel, which we’ve thoughtfully designed to be a beautiful space for you to spend time whilst traveling. Here, the focus is not on grandiose lobbies, but on the freedom to experience a property at your own pace. But what exactly makes Kinn Guesthouse so special?

Ambiance and Design: Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Elegance

Step into a world of elegance as our Kinn Guesthouse properties welcome you with open arms. Our Bay View guest house, nestled in Milwaukee's trendy Bay View neighborhood, captivates travelers with its fine balance of glamor and familiarity. The high ceilings of our eight spacious rooms echo a sense of space, while the fully furnished communal kitchens invite you to feel at home. You can even immerse yourself in the local culture just outside your door, exploring eclectic shops, eateries, and pubs that help create the essence of our hotel.

Our Downtown Milwaukee property places guests right in the hustle and bustle of city life. Featuring 31 thoughtfully equipped rooms, we’ve designed Kinn Downtown Milwaukee with the elegance of a luxury stay combined with those comforting reminders of home. To achieve this balance, we offer a fully furnished chef’s kitchen and private meeting spaces on any floor, making Kinn the best option for casual and business travelers alike. 

Suites and Amenities: Experience Opulence at its Finest

luxury hotel beroom with king size bed

At Kinn Guesthouse, we pride ourselves on making residential feel presidential, and vice versa. This means that we take extra care to fill your stay with unparalleled amenities and luxury touches while offering you the freedom to explore the property however you’d like.


Our rooms are a meticulous blend of modern luxury and familiarity, ensuring a retreat that feels just right. We want you to feel comfortable and ‘right at home’ as soon as you walk through our doors. 

Indulge in private baths with walk-in showers and Waterworks® fixtures, present in every room. Check out the local artists on display, or relish the comfort of Brooklinen® bedding atop Omaha mattresses. We’ve spared no detail to ensure your highest comfort level. At the end of a long day, unwind and discover new films with the Apple TV in your room. The Kinn Guesthouse team is dedicated to creating an opulent hotel experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Culinary Delights: Indulge Your Palate with Exquisite Dining Options

A fine dining experience awaits at Kinn Guesthouse, where trip-defining culinary experiences become an integral part of your stay. 

At our Bay View location, Kinn Guesthouse offers an exceptional dining experience with Sorella, an old-world Italian restaurant that takes on a contemporary flair. The menu at Sorella, meaning sister in Italian, is a blend of East Coast and Midwest influences, resulting in a unique Southern-style Italian restaurant.

Meanwhile, Kinn Guesthouse's Downtown location offers The Wolf on Broadway, a culinary venture that marks the second concept from owners Wolfgang Schaefer and Whitney McAllister. The Wolf on Broadway showcases their culinary expertise through a thoughtfully curated menu. Guests can anticipate a delightful journey through the couple's culinary vision, whether enjoying breakfast at Uncle Wolfie's or exploring the unique offerings at The Wolf on Broadway in the heart of downtown.

Don’t feel like going out tonight? Not to worry. Each floor of our property features a chef’s communal kitchen, offering guests the chance to whip up meals just how they like it, whenever they desire.

Premium Experiences: Unwind and Pamper Yourself with Bespoke Offerings

Your stay at Kinn Guesthouse goes beyond the ordinary. Unwind after your day exploring the city in a space designed for your comfort. Pamper yourself with bespoke offerings, from the lavish amenities to the curated touches that adorn each room. At Kinn, we promise a premium experience that caters to your needs as a traveler, whatever they may be. 


Location and Accessibility: Discover the Best of the Surrounding Area with Ease

Convenience meets exploration at Kinn Guesthouse. Our boutique hotel offers tons of options for a gateway to the best of the surrounding area. On our website we’ve featured our favorite dining, drinking, and shopping options just steps away from our front doors. Parks, museums, beaches, galleries, craft breweries– you name it! There is an abundance of places to see within a short distance from both of our Milwaukee locations.

Glowing Reviews from Satisfied Guests: Hear What Others Have to Say about their Stay at Kinn Guesthouse

Don't just take our word for it– listen to the voices of our satisfied guests! Our glowing reviews come from travelers who have embraced the luxury of Kinn Guesthouse.


We decided last minute to stay in Milwaukee for Christmas, and we’re so glad we chose Kinn Guesthouse. It is BEAUTIFUL from the lobby to the rooms. I loved all of the nice touches like pastries in the kitchen, the individual baskets in the fridge for each room, and the drink options. I loved the herbal tea selection. It was the perfect stay.” -Sarah L., January 2024

We absolutely loved our stay at Linn guesthouse. The room was clean, enormous, and beautifully decorated. We were unsure how the common area would work before our stay but we absolutely loved it - all of the other guests were quiet and kind. We loved having access to a coffee machine and enjoyed espresso with frothed milk any time we pleased. They put out amazing baked goods in the morning as well. 

We also enjoyed meeting the owner, who was in the lobby and introduced himself at multiple times, and asked if we needed anything. The hotel was also at the perfect location - within close walking distance of the Milwaukee Public Market and art museum and lakefront alike! One of the best hotel stay experiences I’ve had overall, I would recommend to anybody.” -Andrew, November 2023


Their testimonials demonstrate our commitment to creating a unique, modern, and luxurious stay, where the boutique hotel experience is redefined with every stay.

Embrace Luxury like Never Before at Kinn Guesthouse - Your Dream Retreat Awaits!

From the ambient hotel feel to the fine dining experiences, Kinn Guesthouse promises an escape where luxury meets authenticity. Your dream retreat awaits! Consider Kinn Guesthouse for a uniquely elegant and comfortable stay, enjoying everything that Milwaukee has to offer.

Experience unparalleled luxury and comfort at Kinn Guesthouse. Book your unforgettable Milwaukee retreat now!